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Hire Michael Waite for State Treasurer

Washington's Debt

Washington's debt grows over $2.6 million dollars per day

State Government Finances at a Glance

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Your voice for fiscal responsibility

Michael Waite believes that more than 25% growth in revenues since 2008 demonstrates that Washington state government doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. “As State Treasurer, I’ll be your voice for fiscal responsibility, always reminding Olympia politicians that higher taxes and more debt should be the last option, not the first resort.”

Remind Politicians Debt is not Free

Professional politicians often act like borrowing money is cost-free and the easy solution for growing the size of state government. Michael Waite points out “that debt is not free. Just think of the priorities – like our public schools – that we could focus on if the state wasn’t spending nearly $2 billion a year on interest and paying off the credits cards the politicians are so eager to use.”

Use the Bully Pulpit for Fiscal Sanity

State government has become addicted to debt over the last 20 years, adding nearly $15 billion in red ink since 1996. Michael Waite will use the State Treasurer’s office as a bully pulpit “to keep reminding the public to let their politicians know they should not borrow one penny more than is absolutely necessary for our most important priorities. It’s time we pay off some loans, instead of letting the folks in Olympia open new credit cards.”